Rescue 1122 jobs

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Rescue 1122 jobs 2021


Rescue 1122 jobs 2021 open by the rescue 1122 department in the province of punjab pakistan dg khan.

Rescue 1122 vacancies

rescue 1122 jobs 2021 current opening under the government of punjab pakistan, rescue 1122 is an emergency department distric of punjab and providing the technicla service to the other of province of pakistn like KPK and rescue 1122 includes Emergency Ambulance , Rescue and Fire service and community saftery program and provide the service in paramedican, Rescue 1122 jobs helthcare professionaly along with administration service rescue 1122 job in kpk add are closed.

You can check Online admission of AIOU

Aiou tutor status check form this link

how to apply in Rescue 1122 job

how to apply in rescue 1122 job online through pakistan through Pakistan Testing Serice or link availabe at

All candidates are direct ot send the document for apply on rescue 1122 jobs by postal on testing service PTS.

Written and psychological test of candiates shall be held on define place of pts.

In resuce 1122 jobs the candidate must filled the application properly provide the complete deatial.

Original CNIc and roll number slip are mandatory for test entry candidates are not allowed to birng cell phones table on examination centers.


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