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Nowadays everyone wants to know about Shahnawaz Dahni. Shahnaz Dhani is the youngster and shinier star of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) who was part of the Multan Sultans squad. His performance in PSL 2021 was so good he took 9 wickets and he was the second-highest wicket-taker of  PSL 6. Young fast bowler Shahnawaz Dhani impressed with his fast and accurate bowling at such a young age. His movement of the ball is very outstanding.  He is a tall young pace right-handed bowler. During bowling, his action is so simple and ideal like any good fast bowler.

Shahnawaz Dhani came from a very poor family and worked hard for his cricket career. He endured a lot of hardships for cricket. With a lot of hard work and dedication, Shah Nawaz Dani made his mark and prove his worth though his performance in in cricket.

Pakistan’s chief selectors were very impressed with the performance of Shahnawaz Dhani. In the coming days, Shahnawaz Dhani with more hard work and dedication can improve himself, his nation, and the prestige of his country at the international level. National chief selector, Mohammad Wasim, and other selection committee members were gathered and discussed the potential player to be included in the touring party.

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The committee analyzed the performances of  PSL6 players who were played in Karachi Pakistan. . In Karachi, a total of 14 matches was played, the committee will be picked the fittest, finest and talented players.

According to sources, young fast bowler, Shahnawaz Dahani is likely to be called up to the national team squad for the tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Shahnawaz Dhani Age

Shahnawaz Dhani Age is 22 years old. He is born in Sindh and his date of birth is Aug 05, 1998 (22 years) his birthplace is a village near Larkana Sindh, Pakistan.

Shahnawaz Dhani Height

Shahnawaz Dhani Height is 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) and his fitness level is very good.

Shahnawaz Bowling speed

Shahnawaz Bowling speed: Right-arm fast-medium Pakistan fast bowler who is very energetic. On his talent and potential Shahnawaz Dhani believes he can bowl faster than 140 kph as his bowling speed back in 2018 was recorded to be at 139 kph. His standard of bowling line length is very good and accurate. Everybody is very impressed with Shahnawaz Dhani’s cricket behavior and bowling action.

Shahnawaz Dhani family background
Shahnawaz Dhani family background. Shahnawaz Dhani has worked very hard to reach this place today.
 He belonged to a poor family and he spent his time working hard even in his difficult days because his family could
 not afford him. But Shahnawaz Dhani did not stop improving his cricket career. 
He always listened to his heart. Shahnawaz Dhani is very good boy.his late father was against his cricket passion.
 He wanted for him official job but Shahnwaz Dhani was interest in cricket. Once time Shahnawaz Dhani had not socks 
and boot for trial because he was very poor and he never overwhelmed his poverty on his cricket career.
 May God keep him happy and progress him in every field of life and cricket.


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